Monday, 30 October 2006

I was on The Bill (Ha ha)

Well I wasn't really on The Bill, it just felt like I was. So what happened? I hear you ask, well I will tell you.
At around 4pm on Friday my dad rang the house to see if everything was ok because he had recieved a message from my sisters mobile asking him to call, we discovered that her phone was missing. While I was talking to my father on the landline I also recieved a message from her phone. I rang the phone and the other person (who was a kid) wanted to sell the phone that they had stolen back to us for $30. So I rang my dad again and told him, He told me to call the cops.
The police came round and got information from me and my sister. They then got me to arrange a meeting with the person. I arranged the meeting to be at Tempe Station and got the cops to go there too. I met the person who had the phone and got it back and was then told to go and wait in the car, while the cops dealt with the person (who turned out to be a girl and I had thought was a boy0. While I was waiting in the car, I heard over the radio that she had a knife on her and so they needed a female police officer to come down to do a more thorough search because all the cops down there were male. A boy also came up while the police where with the girl so I think he was also involved. Well I was glad when it was all over because as much as it reminded me of The Bill all the waiting around was a bit boring.

As to getting musical let it be known that on the 30 October I am up to song 131.

Thursday, 19 October 2006

Let's Get Musical!!!

I have 45 hours, 6 minutes and 37 seconds of music copied onto my computer. I usually listen to this music with the songs shuffled, but I have decided to do a little experiment (or a big one or something) to see how long it would take to listen to all the music straight through. I don't mean do nothing but sit at my computer and listen to the music for 45 hours, I mean when ever I turn on mu computer I will play the music and see how many days it takes to get through all the music.
Let It be noted that I have started at song 1 on 19 October 2006.
I think this is another reason why I am crazy (see post entitled I am also crazy)

Saturday, 14 October 2006

I've Worked Hard, And I'm Ready For A Long Vacation (Ha ha)

I have got a new job doing more casual work for an agency. I ended up working in Engadine yesterday you know how far away that is, I didn't get home till like 6:45. It's annoying especially when I didn't say that I would work that far away, but I guess they were desperate. Oh well. But anyway on top of everything else there was major trackwork on that line and buses were replacing trains between sutherland and waterfall, adding more excitement to my day.