Saturday, 16 August 2008

Don't You Just Love 'Bruce-ism's'?

So it's that time again... Olympics. One of the best things about the olympics is hearing Bruce McAvaney and his lovely comments. One of the best was in the women's 4 by 200 freestyle relay with about 10m to go he says 'their home, their home and hosed'. It was pretty certain that we were going to win but anything could have happened. I'm sure he's had some other golden moments but i can't think right now. The best thing about Bruce this time around though is that I have not heard him say 'special' once this time around I have heard some of the others saying it but not Bruce.

Some of the other good things about the olympics have been Stephanie Rice. Wow! She has been amazing! And it has been cool watching Eamon Sullivan especially his 'battle' with Alain Bernard.