Friday, 15 June 2007


Last week I went on holiday to Hobart for a week. Hobart is a really beautiful place with lots of interesting things to see.

While in Hobart I visited some historical places like Narryna Heritage Museum. This is a house that was built in 1836 for a seafaring gentleman named Captain Andrew Haig. It is set up as a merchants residence and shows items that were used from 1803 to1900. It is a very interesting place to visit

Another historical place I visite is shown in the pictures above this. It is St David's Park. Now this site was originally the public cemetery for Hobart. It was then turned into a park and the headstones were placed into walls in the park. The larger headstones were left where they were. It is another interesting place to visit.
This picture is of a view from Mt Wellington. This is the mountain near Hobart. it was very cold when I went up there. There was no snow but there was frost on the ground. I was glad to get back on to the bus as there was not mush visible there as the clouds had come down on the mountain.

This is from another historic site in Hobart. It is the Peniteniary Chapel Site. The Chapel was built along with barracks for convicts when free settlers arrived in the Colony. They did not want to mix with the convicts so a seperate church was built for them and Solitary Confinement cells were built into it underneath the seats that sloped down from the top. Most of the cells were not able to be stood up in. After new convicts stopped coming to the land the barracks were bulldozed and two wings of the chapel were turned into the Local Court and the High Court. These were still in use until 1984 with tiny cells for those awaiting trail that were like cages. There was also the execution area where the criminals were hanged. When someone was hanged the bell was rung 13 times to signify that the judge and 12 man jury had spoken. For the same reason there were 13 twists of rope around the top of the noose.

While in Hobart I also visited the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery which had some interesting exhibitions. I also had a look around the waterfront and saw Constitution dock where the Sydney to Hobart finishes.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Where's my hair?

I got my hair cut, here's a pic.

Who is wearing that Silly hat?

Well you may be wondering about these silly hats, why on earth are all these people wearing such silly hats?

I will expalain it too you. Last wednesday we had our end of term dinner and to enter the dining room we had to wear hats. These are a selection of the fantastic and silly hats that some of the people were wearing.
It was a fantastic time with a delicious meal and we even had a game.
We were divided up into 5 teams of 5 and given a scenario which was that we were missionaries in a country called Absurdistan where the chickens roosted in the ceiling and the eggs were always smashing on the ground so the people were malnourished. We had to make an egg catcher that would catch an egg dropped from 2 m. The materials we had were 10 straws a thick piece of cardboard and a thin one big scissors and small scissors sticky tape and a balloon. Each team was given two tries dropping an egg onto it from the 2 m height and awarded points depending on how the egg ended up. My team one woo hoo.