Friday, 27 April 2007

Thomas The Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine and friends came to the Apple Isle on Saturday 14 April. The families of the preschool children here went along to see him and I went along with him. We got to go on a train ride that was pulled out by Thomas's friend Donald (unless it was Douglas). And was then pulled back in by the one and only ........Thomas. It was great fun especially because I haven't been on a train for two months and the islanders have probably never been on one. As well as those two engines we also saw Thomas's Carriages Annie and Clarabel, the troublesome Trucks and Trevor the Traction Engine.
We also enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park and a trip to the House of Anvers Chocolate Factory, where we had delicious ice creams, including Licorice ice creams had by some of us.... delicious.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Happy Birthday to me...

You may have guessed from the title that today is my birthday.
It has been a great day, what made it great? you may ask, well I will tell you the answer.

Firstly, last night i was not looking forward to it being my birthday because it is my first birthday away from home. Well everyone has been saying happy birthday to me and so many people have given me cards and stuff that it made me feel special.

The other really good thing that happened was at the play centre they had a little party for me, and that was good, cause it's nice to commemorate these things in some way.

Saturday, 7 April 2007


Tasmania is cold
Well when I first arrived the weather was warm, and I thought to myself what is everyone talking about Tasmania isn't cold. Then the mornings and evenings began to get cold and sometimes it is still cold in the middle of the day.

What have I Been Doing Lately?

Well I have been looking after kids, we have 7 kids two who when they arrived didn't speak English but they are learning. The ages of the children range from 14 months to 5 and it is fun watching the little ones as they are beginning to talk. We have taken the kids on an excursion to City Park and they had fun playing and watching the

The Gorge
I went with a lot of the students to Cataract Gorge. The area there is really beautiful. There is a pool there and you can also swim in the river, but I didn't go swimming. i did however go for a walk with some of the others and we saw a wallaby.

Tamar Island Wetlands

We had a public holiday in March and on that day i went with a group of students to Tamar Island Wetlands which is a wetlands area that has a board walk that you can walk across to 3 or four Islands, while we were there we saw heaps of birds including black swans and we even saw a couple of snakes.

Ben Lomond
Last Saturday I went with a couple of families to Ben Lomond which is the local mountain. It was cold there. We went for a walk on the mountain and had some gread views of the area. We even saw a couple of Wallabies.