Thursday, 7 September 2006

Lawhead v. Marillier.

I enjoy reading books by Stephen Lawhead and books by Juliet Marillier,both of which write historical fiction/fantasy, however in reading books by both of them I have noticed that by beginning at the same kind of place they have come to opposite conclusions about the same thing.
Lawhead is a committed Christian and his books reflect that view point of his - in that in his books no matter what view point his characters start from they always by the end of his books come round to the Christian view point. A lot of books that he has written are concerning druids and there is always a breakaway group of druids who come to Christ.
Marillier on the other hand is not a Christian however she grew up in the anglican church she is in fact now a druid herself. Her books also include druids however coming from her view point druids are opposed to Christianity. In one of her books one of her characters even says that they can't understand why people are turning from the old religions Christianity. Which is in my opinion not at all right because when you think about it the precursor of Christianity was the first religion ever, so in on sense Christianity was Christianity.

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