Friday, 1 December 2006

Seven Ways The Hearts Will Break

Last nigh I also watched The Amazing Race. The race that they're showing at the moment in Australia is the one with the families of four. This morning when I was thinking about it it reminded me of a book that I read when I was younger.
The book was calledRowan of Rin. It is a fantasy book about a village another world, in this village strength and physical ability were the most prided things for people in the village. There was one boy, Rowan, who was weak and didn't have the physical ability of the other people in the village and so his job was to look after the herd of bukshah. One day the water supply for the village stopped flowing down from the mountain into the pond. It was decided that the 6 strongest people should go on a journey up the mountain. They were given a magical map to help them find ther way by the village wise woman and it could only be seen if Rowan was holding it and it oculd not be copied. So Rowan went up the mountain with the others. At certain points in the journey a poem would appear on the blank spots in the map. The first poem in the journey was about them setting on their way and the lines that I can remember from the poem are:
"Seven hearts the journey make
Seven ways the hearts will break"

Now you may ask "How does that remind you of The Amazing Race?
Well here's how it does.
In The Amazing Race there is a family that is a widow and her three kids, now the father was killed in a race track accident cleaning debris off the track and hit by a car, one of the tasks that they had to do on the race was to do a lap around a race track (on party bikes) now they children were saying"[Mummy]we can't do it", but they did it they found an inner strength to do it.
The other thing that happened on The Amazing Race that reminded me of Rowan of Rin was that the fast forward was to do tandem bungee jumping and one of the people in the family was scared of heights and he was saying "I can't do it, I just can't do it" In the end he was able to do the jump.
In Rowan of Rin as the poem prophesied each of the people came up against something that they couldn't face and they gave up except for Rowan he found an inner strength to keep going when he felt like giving up he had the strength to keep going - he had a real strength.


Jonathan said...

I'd forgotten about that book... don't know anythign about these crazy races, though.

Crazyjedidiah said...

The races are exciting especially when they are coming towards the pitt stop and there is more than one team coming towards it and they are the last teams. It's fun to find out if it will be a non elimination round.

Anonymous said...

I liked Rowan - thanks for sharing that Beth. Don't you give up when you feel scared. God loves you and we love you and that's the way it should be.

Crazyjedidiah said...

Thanx timbothy, sometimes it's easy to for get that thanx for reminding me.