Friday, 1 June 2007

Who is wearing that Silly hat?

Well you may be wondering about these silly hats, why on earth are all these people wearing such silly hats?

I will expalain it too you. Last wednesday we had our end of term dinner and to enter the dining room we had to wear hats. These are a selection of the fantastic and silly hats that some of the people were wearing.
It was a fantastic time with a delicious meal and we even had a game.
We were divided up into 5 teams of 5 and given a scenario which was that we were missionaries in a country called Absurdistan where the chickens roosted in the ceiling and the eggs were always smashing on the ground so the people were malnourished. We had to make an egg catcher that would catch an egg dropped from 2 m. The materials we had were 10 straws a thick piece of cardboard and a thin one big scissors and small scissors sticky tape and a balloon. Each team was given two tries dropping an egg onto it from the 2 m height and awarded points depending on how the egg ended up. My team one woo hoo.

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Jonathan said...

Where did you get that hat? ...