Monday, 30 July 2007

He Has Gone Home

The next day after going to the snow I got some very sad news. That was that my Grandfather had died. So I have had a sad time lately. I have been back in Sydney since Wednesday and returned to Launceston this afternoon.

It was great to see all my family again, but it was sad at the same time. I also really enjoyed seeing my cousins etc that i have not seen in a while. We had people come from all over Australia, Perth, The Sunshine Coast, Mt Isa, Eden and of course Launceston.

I think that one of the hardest things about it was that it was such a long time since i had seen my grandfather. I think that the last time that I saw him was in January. He was such a faithful Christian and he helped so many people. He was so loving and he cared for us and what we were doing. He also cared about the people that we had knew, even though he didn't know them himself he had a list and would pray for the people in the church or that we had contact with. He will be missed. But the good thing is that his suffering is over and that he has gone to be with His Heavenly Father. R.I.P. (Rise In Perfection)

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