Saturday, 1 September 2007

There's a bear in there

We recently took the kids to see the Play School concert. It was so much fun, for us adults as well as for the kids. They have it balanced so well plenty of funny stuff that the kids will get and also a sprinkling of stuff for the adults as well. The children were talking about it for days afterwards it is an experience to remember. The one thing that is amazing is that Benita is still doing the concerts, I remember watching her as a little kid on the tv. She still does it so well, she should still be on the tv. Teo was also good but he didn't hold the same memories that Benita did for me. It was a fantastic time.

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Jonathan said...

Wow. I thought having someone visit after two years away and looking at photos and videos from 3-4 years ago last night was a blast from the past!

Good to see your access to blogger is working again!