Saturday, 23 October 2010


So you may have picked up that I had finished my Diploma in Library/Information Services. Well yes I did finish it in June. However there was an issue with one subject and I had to resubmit an assessment. This meant that when I recieved my transcript for the last semester I had one deferred result, and therefore the course was not finished.

After the break the teacher marked the resubmitted assessment and told me that I had passed, he told me that he would send it through to the records and get it fixed up. A few weeks later I checked and it had not been fixed. So I sent him an email asking him what had happened and he said he must have stuffed up and he would have to get the head teacher to fix it up. Nothing had happened after a couple of weeks, so I contacted the head teacher about it myself. She said she would get it fixed up and have them send a new transcript. Well it did get fixed up and I waited a couple of weeks and not new transcript came. So I decided to go in and get a copy of my transcript, which I did.

The result of all this is that I am eligible to recieve a Diploma in Library/Information Services with Distinction.

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