Friday, 28 October 2011

The Amazing Race

If you have known me for a while or if you have been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I love The Amazing Race, but if you don't well now you do. Well last I was watching it and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the snowboarding dudes were really strong committed Christians. In one way it wasn't a surprise because they were always so kind and polite to each other and to the other teams. So as the team was setting out for that leg of the race they were talking about how they were Christian and that while they were on the race they were still following him. Then one of the tasks that needed to be completed was the taking down and moving and putting up in another place of a Bhuddist Shrine. While they were doing this Andy and Tommy were saying that it was a little bit hard for them but they had to remember that there is only one God who they follow and that he is stronger than the other Gods. One of the other teams while doing this task was commenting on how they were putting everything back with respect cause they wanted to respect the religion, like they would want someone to respect their religion like the cross if they were visiting their church. But to me this didn't seem as though religion was part of their life. The final thing that mad me really think that that Andy and Tommy were really committed was that there was a stage where they had gotten a bit lost and so they were asking for help, the person that was helping them was taking a long time to come back and Andy and Tommy were saying "We might come in last but whatever happens, happens, If it's God's will then we will finsih here." I just feel that it is really good for Christians, especially committed "life not religion" Christians to be out there and living good lives so that others can see that we are normal and not scary. I think people like Andy and Tommy and Kate from Masterchef do a good thing for Christianity.

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