Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Fight Like a Girl...You Know You Want To

I recently read this book Fight Like a Girl by Lisa Bevere.
This book is about how in modern society we have confused what the gender roles are. The book sets out to help discover what God intended a woman's role to be.
The book explains that women are the completion of men, that the first man that God created, Adam, was alone in the world and wanted a companion that he couldn't find in the animals, so God created a woman, Eve, to be his companion, the answer to man's question. WOMEN ARE AN ANSWER.
Due to the fact that we complete each other we have complimentary strengths which define our roles so that we can help each other. The things that women do well are things that men do not do as well and vice versa, so we need to work together so that we can live in the world the way that God intended.
Any women out there should read this book so that we can set out on the road that God wanted us to be on.
God bless you and lead you where he wants us to be.


natto said...

Hey Beth,

Really good that you're standing up and living life as the woman God made you to be. I know you're going to do some awesome things for God.

Gooda onya matey!


Margaret Feinberg said...

That's really an intriguing thought, particularly since in third world countries many are beginning to empower and equip women in order to turn the entire country around.