Friday, 5 January 2007

Happy (belated) New Year

Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog. I had a great new years eve.
As usual we had a function/party at the church it was really good. We played board games and we had a Trivia Quiz which unbelievable as it may seem my team one. We got the first five wrong and then we got the other 15 questions right. Some of us went up the street at 8:30/8:45 so that we could see the 9:00 fire works which we have a good few of from there. That was fun. We had a prayer time to pray in the new year at 11:30 and then watched the midnight fireworks at 12. It was a good time to share with others and to remember that God is always with us even when it is a new year and things seem to be changing.


Casper said...

Hey Beth,

I like NYE's at the church, great way to start a new year with great mates. Speaking of such, thanks for being my mate. You're a true blessing to me and many others.

God bless you and the Dixons in 2007. Can't wait to see what God brings you all this year!


Crazyjedidiah said...

Are you a ghost? Are you friendly?
Thanks mate for all your encouragement.

Jonathan said...

Sounds good. Are you just copying my post, though? ;-)

Crazyjedidiah said...

would I do that, no we did pretty much the same things that you did at your new year's eve party!