Monday, 16 June 2008

The Good Weekend

I had a really good weekend.

On Saturday I went and visited some old friends. They used to lead a youth group that I used to go to. They were missionaries in Ethiopia for a couple of years at a school. And are planning to return in a couple of years. They now have 4 children, and it was great to meet them. Those kids are very funny. It was a really good time.

Then that night I went and baby sat the next door neighbours kids, who are adoreable (most of the time). We watched Robots, which is a pretty good movie. Then they went to bed, and the two year old really didn't want to but i could see that he was tired and i didn't give in, and he basically went straight to sleep.

Then last night my brother and his wife came over for dinner. It was a welcome back/celebration dinner for my brother. He had just returned from 10 days in England where he was having his oral examination for his Phd thesis. He has finished his Phd and will soon be Dr Dixon. It was great to have everyone around.

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