Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I'm Back

Well it been a while since I have posted anything here. What have i been doing?

My Birthday.
Well back in April I had my 25th birthday, which was pretty cool. We went out for dinner and my grandmother came too, because it was the completion of 25, 50, 75. Meaning that my mother turned 50 earlier this year and her mother also turned 75 so we all thought that was a pretty cool thing to celebrate.


Every year The Bible League puts on a series of walk a thons in different cities in Australia to raise money for Bibles for people in countries where it is hard to get Bibles. This year in Sydney it was on the 10th of May. A group of us from church went and did it, there was a choice between 7km and 14km (guess which one i did). It was fun but tiring,

Goodbye Aunty Janet.
My Aunt went to Africa as a missionary in the middle of May. She was there before with her husband but he got sick so they had to return to Australia. My uncle died and then my aunt had to get further qualifications so she could return.
We had a big farewell do with my mother's family up at her aunts place a couple of hours from Sydney. It was a really good day and good to catch up with everyone.
The day before she left there was a special farewell service for my aunt at her church which we went to. Then we had a lunch at my grandmothers place.
The next day a whole lot of us went to the airport to say good bye to her. It was very sad but good. Everyone that was in her family cried except my brother and my father.

What else has been happening?
Well I have been doing a bit of casual work, around the place, but that seems to have dried up lately. But I do have a job interview tommorrow for a full time position. I will post about what has happened with that at a later date hopefully it won't be so long between posts though.

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